Question-6: What all are the topics asked in the Databricks Spark certification exam?

Answer: You will be asked question on following topics

  • Basic concepts of Apache Spark
  • Spark Structured Streaming (Concepts + Programming questions)
  • Architecture of Apache Spark which include following topics
    • Driver Program
    • Cluster Manager
    • Client Mode vs Cluster Mode
    • Executors and Tasks
    • SparkSession
  • Spark Performance optimization and debugging the performance issues.
    • You must understand stages, tasks etc. concepts
    • You should be able to check where to use cache
    • What is the use of checkpointing
  • Spark SQL
    • You should be well versed to writing SQL queries using Spark SQL Platform
    • You should be able to use DataFrame/Dataset API
    • You should be able to select correct queries or code snippet for expected result
    • You should be able to select correct output based on the given code snippet
  • GraphFrame:
    • You should be able to answer various graph problems.
    • Lot of questions are already included in certification simulator
  • Deploying applications in Cluster

Products to be Used for Preparing PySpark Databricks Spark Certification

1. Apache PySpark (Python) Professional Training (Core Saprk and Fundamentals)

2. Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Python (Cert No : PR000005)

PySpark : HandsOn Professional Training  + Databricks PySpark 2.x (Python Spark) Certification Exam