Question-1: What is the Major change is done in Databricks Spark certification in latest certifications?

Answer: Databricks has changed a lot in their new release of Apache Spark certification. Below two are the major changes in the exam

  • There would be separate example for Spark Scala and Spark Python. In future same is expected to be available in Java and R language.
  • Databricks have upgraded certification and will be testing on Spark 2.x platform of Apache Spark.

Products to be Used for Preparing PySpark Databricks Spark Certification

1. Apache PySpark (Python) Professional Training (Core Saprk and Fundamentals)

2. Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Python (Cert No : PR000005)

PySpark : HandsOn Professional Training  + Databricks PySpark 2.x (Python Spark) Certification Exam