AWS is pioneer of Cloud Computing and not only it is the pioneer but the number of services provided by is so huge that no other vendor is even close to AWS as of now. And in last 7-8 yrs. AWS has grown drastically. There are various certifications which AWS conducts to certify that candidates has good understanding in particular domain like Developer, Architect, expert etc. Currently there are below certifications exam in various category available from AWS


Associate: This is a role based certification, mostly people start from here (This is one of the most popular category). To appear on associate level exam there is no prerequisites. Currently following Associate level exams are available.

Professional: In this category you will be appearing only after you have Associate level of certifications as per the role. This is the highest level of certification for specific role. Currently there are below certifications are available under this category.  

Specialty:  AWS has various services and few services are focused on particular domain. Hence, AWS had started conducting specialty certification exam to prove that you are expert of particular domain.