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Question-20: You have a web application which uses the Elastic Cache for frequent data retrieval and caching them. You also write your session data to the DynamoDB. This application is hosted on EC2 instances which are part of auto scaling group and behind the ELB. You want your application can write data to DynamoDB what you have to do?

  1. You will be create an IAM User, with the write permission on DynamoDB and save its credentials on EC2 instance.
  2. You will be creating an IAM User and your application can assume as that user before writing to DynamoDB.
  3. You will be creating an IAM Role and an IAM User, you will be assigning that IAM role to the user. Application will assume that user to write in DynamoDB.
  4. You will be creating an IAM Role with ............... ole to EC2 instance on which application is hosted.

Correct Answer : D

Detailed Explaination: In summary, question is asking how your applicat...... out.

Option-4 is correct, you will be creating an IAM Role which has permission to write in DynamoDB. IAM role helps in getting temporary credentials. And you can assign that role to the EC2 instance, hence application hosted on that EC2 instance can assume the role and access the DynamoDB.

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