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Question-16: You are working in a startup company which sell Coffee and Tea at their various stores in various city, even you can order your beverages online on As being a startup you don’t want to spend so much money on IT infra ...........................ou need the application logs which are stored on EC2 instance ephemeral storage to analyze it further. How can you get that logs before instance terminated while auto scaling scale-in?

  1. You will be creating AMI of your EC2 instance before it is getting terminated by auto-scaling and save that AMI in your S3 bucket.
  2. You need to write a script which will create a snapshot of the ephemeral storage and save that snapshot in the S3 bucket specified by you.
  3. Correct Answer
  4. You will schedule a Job which will create an snapshot of all the EC2 instances in auto-scaling group and save them in S3 bucket specified by you.

Correct Answer  : C

Detailed Explaination: In question we can see that cost is a major factor and another important point website should not be down, because customer are ordering online as well even it is possible restaurant staff is also using the same website for billing and ordering. Website is already running with the auto scaling, hence its good solution.

Another objective is to use the logs for applying .........................we don’t need cost to increase very high. Two possible solution is

  1. Attach EBS volume to each instance and persist log in this. But in this case cost will increase and even we don’t have option in question.
  2. You need to stream logs from EC2 instance on real.....can use CloudWatch logs, and we need to install CloudWatch log agents on each EC2 in...ogs from EC2 instance and we can store them somewhere on S3 bucket. As we are done with the log analysis we can either delete it or send it to cheaper storage.

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