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Question14: You are working in an Big Retail company called , they have their own IT department which has.................... to use AWS infrastructure for testing, developing most of the ...........................has to pay more for that every month. As senior management decided that they want to know where the cost is increase a valid reason needs to be found. Which of the following option will helpful in that situation?

  1. You will be using higher level of granularities for detailed metric by default available using CloudWatch and also combined it with the billing data.
  2. You will download all the CloudWatch metric data points of last couple of months and run analytics on that data to calculate min, max and average values of each data point and then combine this data with the billing information to get detailed insight of resource usage.
  3. Correct Answer
  4. You will get access logs from the ELB and apply analytics on that to find the usage of each EC2 instance behind ELB.

Correct Answer  :C

Detailed Explaination: In this question we wanted to know that where the cost is increasing. As the department is huge and many of the servers and other resources are deployed in Cloud. Default CloudWatch metric can help in some extent but not all the time. You need to create custom metric for that from each application, so that detail from each application can be captured, even we have to classify data points from can not be a correct answer.

Option-4: It is not necessary every application you hosted always behind ELB, even you can have other resource usage like SQS, SNS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB etc. So only ELB metric will not be helpful.

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