AWS is pioneer of Cloud Computing and not only it is the pioneer but the number of services provided by is so huge that no other vendor is even close to AWS as of now. And in last 7-8 yrs. AWS has grown drastically. There are various certifications which AWS conducts to certify that candidates has good understanding in particular domain like Developer, Architect, expert etc. Currently there are below certifications exam in various category available from AWS


  • There is only one certification in this category which is “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner” This is an optional certification and check your basic and foundational knowledge of AWS services. If you are going for specialty exam than you should either have AWS Associate certification cleared or this AWS Cloud Practitioner. This exam is more of checking your cloud understanding, how security works, and other important concepts like billing, pricing etc. This is relatively easier exam, if you have already been working on AWS or any other Cloud solutions. With couple of months of preparation you should be able to clear the exam. 

Associate: This is a role based certification, mostly people start from here (This is one of the most popular category). To appear on associate level exam there is no prerequisites. Currently following Associate level exams are available.

  • AWS Solution Architect Associate: If you want to become a AWS Cloud Architect who understand all the common services, which service should be used where. How to design secure, hybrid cloud solution. You must know all the concepts like elasticity, load balancing, scaling, caching, distributed systems, batch processing, basics of BigData tooling, deployment, monitoring, using of container and knowledge of almost all services provided by AWS. In this exam you will get confused by looking at the option available in the questions. If you have partial knowledge and not well prepared you feel all the given options are correct. Hence, prepare well with around 600 questions provided here 
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate: This exam is for developer, who will be using various AWS services and writing the code. In this exam you will see there is focus on Amazon provided native services like DynamoDB, ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, AWS SDK, AWS Command Line tool etc. You can use 340+ questions for preparing this certification from here.  
  • AWS Certified Sysops Associate: In Associate category, this is one of the toughest exam with the highest value for the people who are working on administration side. You need to have knowledge of how to monitor various AWS services, setting for high availability, using the templates to setup env, analyzing your setup on continuous basis, backups, snapshots, disaster recovery, setting secure networks etc. Use this is the material for preparing this certification which comes with around 370+ questions  

Professional: In this category you will be appearing only after you have Associate level of certifications as per the role. This is the highest level of certification for specific role. Currently there are below certifications are available under this category.  

  • AWS Solution Architect professional: If you are already certified in AWS solution architect Associate level than you need to appear for professional level exam, which asks questions based on more advanced architect based concepts. You really need very good knowledge about to designing overall architecture using AWS services. If you see each individual questions, it is beautifully designed considering real time requirement. While going through the questions, you will realize how all big systems like social networking, media, e-commerce, batch processing, video hosting and much more can be implemented using AWS services. Each individual question will interest you, but you need good amount of knowledge. We recommend please below certification preparation material altogether
  • AWS Certified Develops Engineer: This exam is for the learners who are already certified in either developer role or sysops role. Then you have to appear for Devops professional exam. Preparation material is coming soon… keep visiting us  

Specialty:  AWS has various services and few services are focused on particular domain. Hence, AWS had started conducting specialty certification exam to prove that you are expert of particular domain.

  • AWS Certified BigData Specialty: Our recommendation is that you first learn your BigData concepts using this material and then later on you can decide when you need to appear for AWS Big Data specialty certification. Below two companies are pioneer in BigData solutions and our most of the learners use these for developing their career in BigData world.